Third party Email providers e.g Microsoft Office 365, Google Suites ,Zoho e.t.c

The article is applicable to third party Email providers e.g Microsoft Office 365, Google Suites and Zoho

Our default email system is cpanel based webmail

There will be instances when a client decides to use third party Email providers like Microsoft Office 365, Google Suites , zoho e.t.c

We advise that you get the cpanel details and give the same to the relevant vendor for support

This is because there are several verification steps that require that one has access to the vendor administration dashboard

Exception : Microsoft Office 365: We shall only help with last step > adding SRV records . (Since this requires Server backend access ). Simply write open a ticket with us indicating the domain name and attach the records in .txt format.

Note: We do not provide support for cases where you get the service from other vendors.

Bonus: We highly encourage your to use Free third party dns providers e.g . This is especially important to avoid downtime.


1. Create account,

2. add the domain

3. change nameservers . See here


and you are now in full control ... You will now be able to also add srv records by yourself. Isn't that cool?

If you have a website, then it will pick it up the A records automatically
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