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This article explains how to download and install the api.

Last Updated 17th December  2015

Instructions on the installation of the module

    1.Download the file here
    2. Upload and extract the module into the main WHMCS directory.
    3. Log into to get the API Key. See screenshots below

API Key Show

    4. Log in to your whmcs and go to Setup → Products/Services → Domain Registrars and activate module.
    5.Set credentials for the API connection you received in step (3).
    6. .Add the below code at the end of 'additionaldomainfields.php' file located at 'includes/additionaldomainfields.php'.

    $filename = dirname(__FILE__).DS.'..'.DS.'modules'.DS.'registrars'.DS.'eacdirectory'.DS.'eacdirectory.php';
        require_once ($filename);
        $fields = eacdirectory_GetDomainFields();
            $additionaldomainfields = $fields;     

  7. Go back to client area on and open a ticket to give us your server IP so that we can whitelist it


Ensure that your account with EAC directory has credit for any registration / renewals to work

Thank you

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