001. Microsoft Outlook POP3

Set Up E-mail with Microsoft Outlook

In this tutorial, we shall use the domain eacdirectory.co.ke with the email address [email protected] as an example.

Step 1
From your computer, click the Start menu and double-click the Control Panel icon.

Step 2
Double-click the mail icon

Type mail into the search box at the top-right of the Control Panel window to quickly find the Mail icon. Then, double-click it. 

Step 3
Click the E-mail Accounts button. 

Step 4
Select Add a new e-mail account and click the Next button. 

Step 5
Select POP3 and click the Next button. 

Step 6
  • Enter Your Name and full E-mail Address in the appropriate text boxes.
  • For the Incoming mail server (POP3), enter for example, mail.eacdirectory.co.ke and for the Outgoing mail server (SMTP), enter for example, mail.eacdirectory.co.ke
  • Your User Name is your full e-mail address and your Password is the password that was chosen when setting up the e-mail account.
  • Check the box to Remember password if you do not wish to enter the password each time when accessing your e-mail account.
  • When you are complete, click the More Settings button.

Step 7
In the new window that opens, click the Outgoing Server tab at the top. 

Step 8
Check the box for My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and ensure that Use same settings as my incoming mail server is selected. Click the Advanced tab.

Step 9
  • Incoming server (POP3) to 110.
  • Outgoing server (SMTP) to 26 or 25 or 587
  •  Make sure the checkbox on 'This server requires an encripted connection' is NOT ticked
  • Click the OK button when finished.

Step 10
Click the Test Account Settings button to test the connection. Outlook should now be able to connect.

If successful, click the Close button and continue. 

If you are experiencing trouble with the connection, check your E-mail settings once again with the previous steps in this article. 

Step 11
Click the Next button to save the E-mail Settings and continue through setup. 

Step 12
Click the Finish button to complete setup.
Step 13
Click the Close button to exit the Mail settings window. 

Step 14
You may now launch Outlook 2003 to access your newly added EAC directory e-mail account!


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