Ke domain PUSH from other registrars

This tutorial will guide a registrar on HOW to PUSH a domain from HIS kenic account, to another registrars Account within Kenic Interface

This is useful when the receiving registrar is unable to transfer the domain to himself, due to the following reasons
1. The EPP in incorrect 
2. The domain has missing information e.g. Email address ( and therfore the Losing registar can fix the issue)
3.  Any other reason


1. Log onto the Kenic Account i.e

2. Search for the domain. In this example, we shall use the domain

EAC Directory: .ke domain push

3. Under Administrative functions, click transfer

EAC Directory: .ke domain push

4. Select the receiving registrar Name ( in this case , we use

EAC Directory: .ke domain push

5. Write comment and complete

EAC Directory: .ke domain push
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